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You are here probably because zenbot.org has inspired you to make your application, website or chatbot more intelligent and awesome!

You are in the right place! This documentation provides complete guide through Zenbot features.

What is Zenbot

Zenbot is all-in-one solution for building a conversational bots or natural language interface for your app or website.

Instead of making everything on your own, you can use Zenbot platform - it provides an NLP tools and bot hosting in a single service. Moreover, it is already connected with Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram and other messengers! Thus you have not to implement all of these messengers APIs.

And you can even robotize your call-center, enabling bot to talk with clients in the telephony channel.

Zenbot features

We have summarized all Zenbot features in a single list to help you jump into chatbot development process with Zenbot.

Who can develop with Zenbot

Zenbot provides a chatbot framework for developers who are familiar with programming a bit, but didn't dive into NLP or AI yet.

With Zenbot you can use your own Javascript code, thus it is better if you have some experience with it. But it is not mandatory - you can still create a great bots without programming.

Where to start

If you are completely new user of Zenbot, please start from reading a Getting started guide and Zenbot features that describe all core concepts and features.

Bot samples show you how Zenbot looks like on a practice.

Also look through a collection of production ready bots on our Zenhub website which are powered by Zenbot platform.

Zenbot philosophy makes it clear to understand the general ideas of this service, so you can find inspiration for yourself to dive deeper in NLP and AI.

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions in the F.A.Q.

In our Google Group we help to solve any problem with Zenbot usage.

Also follow our latest news on Twitter, Facebook and Google+