Zenbot can automatically store all bot's usage statistics data in your favorite analytics tools.

You don't have to call any analytics tools API manually. Zenbot stores every user's request data.

  Please note that Zenbot will store analytics data only for requests been processed by Botscript inputs with non-empty ID

Analytics tools

Here you can find the list of supported analytics tools.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics tracks bot's events and stores an anonymous aggregated data.

Each time your bot receives a request, Zenbot stores an event with label “input”. The action will contain a request's text and optional category with input ID.

To connect your bot to Google Analytics just create a new resource, copy Track ID and paste it to the Zenbot's web console in Analytics section.


Mixpanel enables you to track every user's request and analyze it with a comprehensive analytics tools.

Zenbot stores each user profile and each request once it is connected to your Mixpanel project.

To connect your bot with Mixpanel please create a new project in Mixpanel web dashboard, open “Project settings” and copy a “Token” field value. Then paste it in Zenbot's web console preference under Analytics section.


Botanalytics is designed as an analytics tool for Facebook Messenger bots.

Please note that Botanalytics cannot be used if your bot is not connected to Facebook Messenger. Please read more about Facebook integration here.


Botan analytics has been designed to store Telegram bots statistics.

Please note that Botan cannot be used if your bot is not connected to Telegram. Please read more about Telegram integration here.