This tag describes a HTTP POST request action and a variable name for response.

This tag may contain:

  • a set of HTTP params
  • a set of HTTP headers
  • a body of request


This tag performs the same action as a get tag. But it sends a POST type of requests instead a GET.

Request body

POST requests may contain a body. You can define a content of a body inside an inner body tag.

<post url="" var="Response">
  <header name="Content-Type" value="application/json"/>
        "somevariable" : "somevalue",
        "referencevariable" : "$MyVar"

And of course you can reference another variables and patterns inside the body's content via placeholders. Thus Zenbot will replace all of them before sending a request.

  Note that you should to enclose body's content in the CDATA to prevent interpretation of it.


This tag has the same attributes as a get tag