Zenbot provides a set of tools and features to enable you to create the best natural language driven bots.

All-in-one bot framework

Zenbot is not just an intent resolver or graphical bot builder. It provides an all-in-one solution enabling you to develop even very complex bots.

Natural language engine

Your bot can understand a natural language sentences. Zenbot provides you well-known AIML-style syntax but with much more advanced features.

There is an extremely flexible and powerful NLP engine which helps you to build a really conversational bots!


With NLP and Botscript your bot becomes a context-awareness conversational interface between the user and your business logic.

Learn more about conversations and context management


With Zenbot you don't have to have any external server and database to host your bot. Zenbot does it for you!


Zenbot automatically stores all bot's usage statistics in any of your favorite analytics tools like Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Botanalytics and others.

Learn more about bot analytics tools.


You can use any Javascript code in your bot to implement any complex logic.

Learn more about Javascript engine.

Messenger integrations

Zenbot is integrated already with messengers like Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype and others.

Thus you don't have to implement any messenger API to integrate it with your bot. Just few clicks in the bot's preferences - and your bot starts to talk with users in any messenger!

Facebook App review

Your bot does not have to pass through a Facebook Messenger's app review process! Your bot becomes public right after a “Save settings” button click.


Buttons helps to build more familiar user interface in messengers. With Zenbot your bot can process both text and buttons clicks, so you don't loss the messengers' functionality.

Telephony integrations

Your bot can talk with users even in telephony channel. With Voximplant integration it is easy to connect your bot with any phone, and even robotize your call-center.


It is easy to connect any of your applications or websites to your conversational bot over Zenbot REST API. Thus you can create your own Siri-like application or just process a natural language requests on your website.

External resources

Your bot can call any external service over GET and POST requests. Thus Zenbot enables you to implement any kind of integration you wish - fetching or posting any data from/to any resource.

Freedom of source code

Zenbot doesn’t provide any graphical bot builder UI. Instead - it gives you a freedom of source code! You can store your Botscript source in any of version control systems like Github or Bitbucket to work together with your team.