You can integrate your bot with Kik messenger bot platform to enable your Kik bot understand a natural language.

How to create a Kik bot

There is a reat guide regarding bot development for Kik. Just perform all related steps and provide the bot's Username and obtain an API Key.

Setup Username and API Key

In Zenbot web console go to the “Kik Settings” section and provide previously obtained Username and API Key of your Kik bot.

Press “Save settings” button, and that is all! Now your Kik bot can receive text requests and respond regarding your Botscript in Zenbot.


Each time Zenbot receives a request from Kik, it generates a set of special variables you can use inside a Botscript.

  • req_kik_chat_id - an ID of chat from where the request was sent
  • req_kik_user - a nickname of Kik user
  • req_kik_bot - Kik bot Username
  • req_kik_key - Kik bot API Key

Find more available variables in Global Variables chapter.


Please note that Kik doesn't provide any extended info about the user, like latitude and longitude, current time and GMT offset. Thus you have to obtain this data on your own if you need it.