You can easily integrate your bot with Skype Bot Platform to make your chatbot accessible in Skype.

How to create a Skype bot

There are four steps to integrate your bot with Skype.

Create a new app

Create a new application in Microsoft Application Registration Portal. Obtain App ID of new application and create a new password.

Create a new Skype bot

Create a new Skype bot in Skype Bot Platform. Provide your App ID in the Skype bot's settings.

Set Messaging Webhook

In the Skype bot's setting provide the URL for Messaging Webhook like<id of your Zenbot>.

You can see this URL in your Zenbot's web console.

Save your Skype settings

Save previously obtained App ID and Password in your bot's settings in Zenbot web console.

Just copy your App ID and paste it to Client ID and Password to Client Secret, and press Save button.

Test you Skype bot

Add your newly created Skype bot to your Skype list. Now you can select your bot in Skype's contacts list and send a direct text message. Your Zenbot's bot will respond with some text regarding the Botscript.


Each time Zenbot receives a request from Skype, it produces a set of special variables.

  • req_skype_user - an ID of Skype user
  • req_skype_token - Skype bot token

Find more available variables in Global Variables chapter.


Please note that Skype doesn't provide any extended info about the user, like latitude and longitude, current time and GMT offset. Thus you have to obtain this data on your own if you need it.