Zenbot has been integrated with a Cisco Spark messenger. Thus you can easily deploy your bot in Cisco Spark and share it with any teams.

How to create a Spark bot

There is a comprehensive documentation regarding Cisco Spark bots. It is super easy to create a new one - just go to the My Apps, section, click on the plus sign and choose “Create a Bot” from the wizard.

Enter your Spark bot Display Name, Bot Username and Icon URL. Then Spark will provide you with your new bot's token. Copy it and paste in the “Cisco Spark” section in your Zenbot web console.

That is all! Click “Save settings” button, and now your bot can talk with users in Spark messenger.

Add a Spark bot to your team

Add a new team member with your Spark bot's Username (like “[email protected]”). You can find this name in My Apps section.

Your bot will be automatically added to your team and you can send a text messages in private 1:1 chat or via mention in any room.

Bot mention

Please note that in mention mode your bot will receive a text request with leading bot's name.

For example if the user mentions your bot like @Doit something tomorrow your bot will receive a request like Doit something tomorrow. Make your input patterns ready to receive such sort of inputs.

How to share Spark bot with others

Anybody from other team can easily add your bot via it’s username (like “[email protected]”).


Each time Zenbot receives a request from the user in Spark, it generates a set of special variables you can use in Botscript.

  • $req_spark_token - the token of your Spark bot
  • $req_spark_room - a unique ID of the room where the bot was received a request from the user
  • $req_spark_user - a unique ID of the user who has sent a request
  • $req_spark_avatar - a user's avatar link
  • $req_spark_org - an ID of user's organisation

Find more available variables in Global Variables chapter.