Zenbot name requires it to have some philosophy. Well, here it is.

What do we need?

Let's think about what do we need to develop our clever chat bot or natural language interface for our application or website?

The first of all - we have to solve the problem of user's intent recognition. There are a lot of good solutions on a market to solve this problem.

The second task - is to retrieve some of entities form intent and convert them to the format of our inner API data. There is a place where we must implement such extraction and converting on our side.

The third one - is to recognize and manage dialog contexts. Again, there we have to implement such solution on our side. But how? Depends on the developer's knowledge and experience in AI and abilities of the selected tools.

Well, there is one more thing… Developing a natural language interface we have to respond in a natural language manner. So again - we have to implement the text or voice generation on our side to solve this.

As a result we can see, how much do we need to do on our own to implement a neat natural language interface…

Why Zenbot?

Zenbot solves all these tasks with ease, enabling you to encapsulate your natural language logic in one place without spreading the code between NLP services and your own source code.

It takes care about NLP and AI stuff allowing you to keep your business logic clean. You do not have to mess up all together and have deep knowledge in artificial intelligence discipline.

The era of messengers

There are a lot of messengers where you users spend a lot of time. So it is obviously a good idea to bring your service on these platforms in form of chat bots.

Thus Zenbot is aimed on this trend and implements all popular messengers APIs so that you do not have to do it on your own.

Moreover - there is no need to have an external server to host you chat bot logic (while most of messengers APIs require webhooks callback URLs to communicate with chat bot).

Thus Zenbot provides you a single point for natural language interface development.

With simplicity of well known AIML style, but much more powerful and simple.