There is always more easy to learn principles of a new paradigm through a set of well documented samples.

Thus we provide such samples in our Github repository so that you can test each of them to learn Zenbot more easy.

How to use

Just fork this repository, create your test bot through Zenbot web console and upload sample's Botscript. Then you can test the newly created bot through web console, REST API or even messengers like Facebook Messenger, Slack or Telegram.


Zenhub website contains a collection of production ready bots for different channels like Slack and Telegram which are powered by Zenbot platform.


Hello World

A very simple bot which greets user by name or asks her about her name and stores it in the database for further usage.


This bot implements a flow of a new reminder creation.

You can find here how to use an idea of context referencing and empty contexts.

Doit bot

You find the production version of the previous sample here.

This simple bot creates reminders for user and notifies her through the messenger. It also utilizes such Zenbot's tools like custom entities and HTTP actions.

  This bot works well with English and Russian languages under both Telegram and Slack messengers.


This sample illustrates the usage of Custom Entities and context management.

Note that you have to upload cities entity CSV before you can test this bot.

Then you can ask it about weather in different cities and dates.